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Meet the Team

Our whole team is made of volunteers—the store founder, the manager, even the cashier! Nobody makes a salary so that as much revenue as possible can fund local charities and support women in recovery!



Store Founder

Customers feeling important and cared for was one of my main goals in starting Restored Boutique. People should be able to find outfits and home decor they like and that suits their unique taste without having to worry about a high cost. Supporting women in addiction recovery is also important to me, which is why Restored provides a safe environment for job training as well as funding for female clients of Life Recovery Ministries.



Store Manager

I believe everyone should feel confident and secure, and know they are beautiful. I feel fulfilled when I help customers choose outfits they love and try something new! I want to help you feel good about yourself—that's why I love working at Restored.


Everyone Else!

There are many amazing people who bring their time, effort, and creativity to make Restored a fun and inviting place to shop. Get to know our volunteers!

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