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Charity Mission

Restored Boutique is part of the Father's House Restoration Ministries, a local nonprofit. All of our profits go to charity—especially towards supporting women in recovery. This means every time you shop at Restored, you are helping to make a difference in these women's lives and giving them hope for a second chance in life!

Our staff is made up of volunteers who take no salary so that all profits support charitable causes. Women in recovery learn important job skills at our store so they can become contributing members of society and positive role models for other women.

Lindsey's Story

     My name is Lindsey Cambron, and I am 35 years old. I am a survivor of all sorts of abuse and, because of that, I learned early on just how to numb and mask the pain that the abuse produced. I did that by cutting myself, using drugs, and being in toxic relationships. I came to Northern California hoping to change, but I found that all my problems and hurts followed me here. I had no hope for my future and no one to turn to for help. Because of the hate that I had for myself, I even tried to end my life several times. Only after many failed attempts did I reach out to seek real help...

Heather's Story

       My name's Heather, and I am 28 years old. I moved to Oroville from the South Lake Tahoe area. I was an I.V. drug user, mostly heroin and meth, for many years. I lost parental rights and custody of my daughter, Lyric, who was placed in the foster care system. After losing custody of Lyric, being sent to jails in several different towns, and having several overdoses, I was finally done and ready for a change. I was serving time in Butte County Jail when I met a graduate from Life Recovery Ministries who shared her story with me, and it caught my attention. I was accepted into the same program after serving my sentence...

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